Intersections Frequently Asked Questions

After dividing a path with the inside/outside option and an open key path, the selection isn't what I expected. What happened?

When Intersections cuts paths with an open key, it selects paths inside or outside of the key by assuming that there is a straight line across the ends of the key path. It only cuts paths at path crossings and not at the virtual closing line; the selection is not changed unless it crosses the key path. It may look different than what you expected because the path is not cut by the virtual closing path.

The key path is above the other selected paths but Intersections does not allow me to click Apply.

Intersections does not work like Illustrator’s Divide objects below tool. Select all of the target paths and the key. Click the key path once to make it the selection key. The Apply button activates with at least two paths selected when one is the selection key (heavy highlight).

Some of my paths were not processed by adding points or dividing. What happened?

Intersections only processes paths that are selected. Unselected paths are not modified even if they are overlapping the key path. Intersections does not process grouped paths or a clipping path or its contents. It does not work with bitmaps or objects that belong to other plugins.

I selected a path and key selected a path. When I pressed the Apply button, nothing happens.

Check to make sure that the Apply button is not grayed out (inactive). It is only available when the needed combination of objects are selected. Please read “The Apply button is grayed out.” If the key and target paths overlap but do not cross there are no intercepts to process.

The Apply button is grayed out. What’s going on?

Intersections only works on paths, not type, bitmaps, groups or clipping groups. There must be at least two paths selected and one of them, the key path, must be the selection key (heavy highlight). When that happens, the Apply button becomes active. If the paths you want to work on are in a group, use Illustrator to enter isolation mode to edit them. When in isolation mode, only the paths in the isolated group are available for editing so, the key path must be in the group as well.

Why did Intersections add a point on top of an existing point?

Intersections positions points very precisely even if another point is already there.

I want to cut a path and have the portion of the key path added to close my cut path.

Use Divide Objects Below in Illustrator’s Object>Paths menu to add path segments to the cut portion. Remember that Illustrator will modify your key path and it must be above the path you are changing. Divide objects below will process all paths below the path you select. You may have to move paths out of the way to prevent them being changed.

Intersections won’t cut a section out of a path’s fill.

Intersection only acts on path objects and not their fill object. If you need to cut a hole in a path’s fill, use a Pathfinder option under the Illustrator menu Windows>>Pathfinder.

I tried to activate Intersections but it says that all of my activations are used.

The number of concurrent activations is limited. SchemaGrafx allows you to activate Intersections on two computers at once. Adobe generally allows two installations of Illustrator. This way you can use the plugin on both installed systems. If you must activate on another computer, deactivate a previously activated installation and try activation again.

Where is the Mac version?

The Windows version finished ahead of the Mac version. We are working to make the Mac version the best we can. If you are interested in a Mac version, please let us know at our contact page.